Considering the historical context and cultural characteristics of the site, the design team used delicate design thinking and exquisite craftsmanship from the outside to the inside to create a unique spatial appearance. In order to attract more people to come, the project tried to integrate the streetscape with its elegant characteristic on the exterior of the building. With transparent style, beautiful color matching, and design, creating a feeling of strolling European street.
The interior space is mainly designed with decorative style, with luxurious and exquisite atmosphere, smooth circulation, spacious and comfortable seats, it creates a warm and suitable place for family and friends to dine together, and connect the restaurant and the heart of the consumers through the environment, and improve the goodwill and loyalty of customers with a good dining experience. Different from the conventional Japanese-style yakiniku restaurants, this project is based on the gorgeous and elegant Art Deco Style.
Different from the conventional Japanese-style yakiniku restaurants, this project is based on the gorgeous and elegant Art Deco Style, using deep and dark colors and integrated with metal decorations and LED light bars to show a refined and vintage atmosphere. The interior space especially integrates the classic aesthetics of the old and new generations, playing with geometric shapes, fine craftsmanship, and bright colors of Art Deco style.

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Art is frameless, boldly swing your imagination.

We uphold open-minded interactive communication; freely flip the ingenuity with our customers. Depart from the conventional pattern to fashion the perfect spaces. Meticulously arrange smooth flow and functional configuration, give full play to the exceptional features.Lead the customers to enjoy the fancy situation and realize their dreams eventually!

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鋪敘初見動人、歷久彌新作品, 巧心勾勒軟裝、硬體形色光影, 細細描摹真摯活潑住宅、商空視野, 將純粹絢爛的夢想畫面,展於託付者眼前。

Attempting to preserve beauty as artworks forever, we regard the interlocution between space and people as the source,and merge rational aesthetics and perceptual ideas so that the finished projects would spread the charm like the mellow coffee, and create a marvelous stylish life. Artfully configure the furnishings and layout, moreover, carefully apply color themes and lighting schemes,as well as to outline the lively details of residential and commercial space, so that accomplish the striking and everlasting projects.Brilliantly present the genuine and gorgeous scenes in front of the entrust proprietors.

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News / Award

2020 MUSE Design Award 金獎

森.深記憶|Mori, Green memory 透過環境氛圍連結起餐廳品牌與消費者的心,同時為不同世代打造出能享有共同記憶的美好基地。

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